Do You Know, Right Way To Cook Potatoes, According To Each Season Of Year?

Potatoes are those vegetables, which are favorite of children and even adults and older people. In India, it is called low priced cheese. And it is that vegetable, which is very much used in quantity, whether it is home cooked food or fast food.
Do you Know, Right Way to Cook Potatoes, According to each Season of Year?
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But whatever, vegetable you eat; you should consume it, right way. And same applies to, potato vegetable too. So, today I will discuss, in what way, you should consume potato? Why is right way to consume potatoes, according to each season?     

Yes, there applies some particular different, right ways for each season; according to which, potatoes should be consumed. There is not a single right way, to consume potatoes; which you can standardly apply, in every season. So here comes, different right ways, to consume potatoes, according to different seasons-

1) Right way to consume potatoes in summers-

As I told repeatedly

in my earlier articles that very less amount of oil, should be consumed in summer. Therefore, cook potatoes such way that utilize less amount of oil. Examples of such right ways, to cook potatoes; which utilizes less oil are steaming potatoes, baking potatoes.

  • So, consume potatoes in summer, cooked this way and not the deep fried way, which utilizes maximum oil; if you do not want to be victim, of summer season health complaints.

2) Right way to consume, potatoes in monsoon-

As monsoon season is mixture of both summer and winter seasons; so are the right ways, to consume potatoes, in monsoon season. What does that mean?

That mean that in monsoon season, there are 2 type of days-

  1. Cool breezy rainy way- on which, you need to use, those
    right ways; to consume potatoes, which are used in winter season.
  2. Hot humid days- on which you need to use, those right ways to consume potatoes; which are used in summer season.

3) Right way to consume potatoes in winters-

Winter season is such a season, in which a little bit allowance, from oil restriction is allowed; but to not totally. What does that mean?

  • That means, you are allowed to use moderate oil quantity; to cook your potatoes, but not excess. That means you can consume, potatoes recipes cooked fried by, sorting potatoes; but no deep frying is allowed.
  • Yes, potatoes cooked with deep fried method, are not allowed for consumption in winters; but potatoes recipes cooked with, moderate amount of oil are allowed; for consumption in winters.



And as I repeatedly told in earlier articles, consume your food right way; similar do the potatoes recipes because they are also a kind of a food, which you should consume right way.

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