Debate On Which Is Better, Tea Or Coffee On Health Meter?

Tea & coffee is favorite of many people; just like, non-vegetarian food is favorite of certain number of people and vegetarian food is beloved of certain other people. Just like, debate always goes on between, non-vegetarians and vegetarians that which food is better; by the same token, there always goes on debate between tea & coffee drinkers that which one is better?
Debate on Which is Better, Tea or Coffee on Health Meter?
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So, today I will tell you, which is better on health scale, tea or coffee? Before, I tell you answer to that first know –

What health benefits & health damages Tea delivers?

Yes, tea delivers a list of health benefits and a list of health damages too; which are explained under separate headings below:-

Health benefits:-                                                        
  • Prevents discoloring of teeth because green and herbal tea, supply tooth strengthening nutritive essential minerals.
  • Digest food- Yes, this health benefit you sure to get; then whether you drink green tea, normal tea, herbal tea or white tea; all of then digest food.
  • Supplies
    - if you are drinking normal tea or green tea, or herbal tea. Natural ingredients in green and herbal tea supplies antioxidants and in normal tea, antioxidants comes from milk.
  • Control, prevent and treat- obesity, diabetes, aging and heart diseases; if you are sipping green tea or herbal on daily basis.
  • Keep you alert and increases concentration power- then, whether you are drinking normal tea, green tea, herbal tea or white tea. All of them deliver this health benefit.
Health damages –

Well, if you are drinking any tea, whether it’s green, normal, herbal or white type; they does not cause harm. But, if you drink normal tea in excess quantity crossing normal quantity limits; then it can damage health because of nicotine, it contains. But, if you drink normal tea within normal limits; then it delivers you 2 health benefits, which I already told above.

What health benefits & health damages Coffee delivers?

Coffee like tea, also delivers some health benefits; which it capable of and also delivers some health damages, which it is capable of.

Health benefits –

Which coffee delivers are:-

  • Improve concentration and alertness like tea.
  • Removes depression, calms mind.
  • Digest food like tea.
  • Improve action of pain killer allopathic drugs.
  • Can burn calories, by burning fat and cholesterol, in body adipose tissue cells; so prevents, obesity and hypercholesterolemia.
  • Milk nutrition, coffee made with milk delivers, which strengthens your teeth and bones; by supplying calcium, phosphorus and potassium.
Health damages–
  • Can cause sharp increase in blood pressure, if consumed in excess.
  • Cause yellow discoloring of teeth.
  • Can cause anemia, that is, decrease hemoglobin level of blood; if more than 5 cups of coffee is consumed in a day.


Which is better on Health Scale, Tea or Coffee?

No doubt, tea and coffee, both has health benefits and health damages. But, health damages of tea becomes zero, when you change type of tea you drink; from normal tea to any of the, green tea, herbal tea or white tea or yellow marble


But in coffee, you does not have any such option because there is one coffee harm, which will happen to your teeth; even when you drink it in less amount and that is, yellow discoloration of teeth. Other coffee health damages, you can reduce to zero; by drinking it in normal limits and not drinking it in excess. But, this “yellow discoloration of teeth” coffee harm, you cannot reduce by drinking less cups of coffee in a day. Yellow discoloration of teeth ever happen then; when you are not drinking coffee in excess.

So, tea beats coffee, in health wise race and is better than coffee; as tea health damages can be reduced, by reducing quantity of tea drink; but coffee’s other harms can be reduced by reducing amount of coffee you drink, but “yellow discoloration harm” it do to teeth, cannot be not reduced, by reducing quantity of coffee you drink.

Can’t yellow discoloration problem of coffee be solved?

Yes it can be solved. For this, you have do something special, just eat fruits; antioxidants in them, will clean yellow discoloration of teeth, caused by coffee.

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