Daily Eye Care Tips, To Keep Eye Vision Intact

Earlier in past era, eyes vision of only those people, get weaken before old age; who do fine eye work. Earlier only those people, have to wear, vision eye glasses before old age; whose vision get decreased, due to fine eye work, which they have done, on every day of their life.
Daily Eye Care Tips, to keep Eye Vision Intact
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But now days, decrease in vision before old age, is not only limited to people, who are doing fine eye work; but also affecting those people, who do not, do fine eye work.

But, why vision of people, not doing fine eye work, is decreasing? Well, it is decreasing due to, strong rays of T.V., computers and always sitting in artificial light environment and not in natural sunlight environment. All these factors are decreasing their vision, to which earlier they were not exposed.

So, there is immediate need of, immediate solution of this problem; so that harms of these factors, can be

decreased, on human eye vision. And, that immediate solution is given below, in form of daily eye care health tips; to keep eye vision intact-

1) Eye rest-

Yes, eye rest is very important for maintaining good vision; as much important, it is for rest of body, for maintaining good health. Having good night sleep, is a kind of eye rest.

  • So, do not avoid sleeping, at right time at night.
  • In fact, sleep maximum for 8 hours-10 hours during night.
  • And also have, 2 hours eye rest during day; by watching less T.V. and by avoiding, some eye work for those 2 hours.

2) Eye rose water treatment-

Eye rose water treatment, in form of keeping rose water soaked cotton swabs, on eye; for 1/2 hour, is very important these days because eyes are maximum exposed, to harmful electromagnetic rays, from TV and strong artificial light, of light tubes.

3) Intermittent work breaks of, approximately 14 to 15 minutes, from laptop, TV and fine eye work-

Yes, these intermittent breaks are very important, for keeping eye vision intact. Always keep sticking to your gadgets, without any intermittent break decreases vision.

4) Eye massage with mint or cucumber based moisturizer-

Yes, this tip you recall right; I have given it in my previous article, “Review of Parachute Summer fresh moisturizer”.

  • Yes, mint or cucumber based moisturizers, help in maintaining good eye health; when eye
    massage done with them, on outer eye skin.
  • Your eye vision, will remain intact only; when your eye health, will remain intact.

5) Consume almonds for eye vitamin nutrition-

Yes consuming them, can maintain your eye vision intact; then why not, consume them. But 1 precaution is needed, consume them only in winters because in summer and monsoon; they may raise your body temperature.

6) Consume milk or curd, which are eye soothing-

Yes consume, either of them in a day or consume either of them, on alternate days. They increase your eye sight and also cotton swabs soaked in them; when kept on outer surface of eye lids, soothes eyes; heated up by, fine eye work or from excess electromagnetic rays exposure, from your electronic gadgets.

7) Avoid sitting in front of, air-conditioners and near heaters-

Because both of these appliances, cause dry eye syndrome; which can decrease your eye vision, if you sit constantly in front of them; without any intermittent break.

8) Use right illumination bulbs or tubes, not too strong-

Yes just the way, dim light can decrease your eye vision; same way too strong, too bright light, can decrease your eye vision too.

  • So use, those bulbs or tubes; which gives moderate illumination, neither too dim nor too bright.

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  • ashutoshd dwivedi  08-02-2015
    s are also can take more care of eyes by relaxing the modd and are extremely in the need to take care of eyes bythe means as you have sugegted.

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