Asthma Risk Is Increasing Among Premature Babies

Asthma risk and premature babies are two phrases or few words which are used very much these days.

And, not only that when one is mentioned, another is also mentioned. That is, discussion is never finished without having mention of both of them. Rarely, it happens that only single one of them, is mentioned.

Why it is so? Why the criteria has changed? Earlier you listened mention of only one of them, but now you listen both of them in health news, not having mention only of one of them. Why it is so? This is due to researches which have come forward, which shows link between both of them.

And, what this link is, which both of them share?

This link is that both of them are related to each other. And, this relation is that if having your baby born premature, you need to use some precautionary measures, because they are more prone to asthma complaints.

This does not mean that those who are not born premature does not suffer asthma episodes. They do suffer but not all of them, but only few of them and that due to some other cause. But, what about those who are born premature, they mostly suffer asthma full, further life. Yes, they are more prone to it and not few of them, but most of preterm born are asthma preys. Risk of asthma is very much increased in them than full term. And, most of preterm born babies have cause behind their asthma malady, their preterm birth.

But, why this preterm birth has become such an asthma causer among preterm borns? The reason behind

this is their immature lungs. No suspicion, lungs of full term born are also not that much developed as adult. But, they are still much more developed than preterm born babies, which can bear stress of changed environment. But, lungs of preterm born are not developed yet; in fact, they are so much undeveloped, even than that of full term born babies. They are so much immature than full term born baby’s lungs, so much that, they cannot even bear the stress which at least lungs of full term babies can bear. And, their lung immunity is also very low.

So, both of factors combined, low immunity even less than that of full term born and immaturity level of lungs much more than full term born, are the reasons why premature babies have problem in breathing and asthma condition and why they require immediate right remedial aid and monitoring more than full term born babies.

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