8 Causes Of Earache

Yes, today's health discussion is on topic- "8 causes of Earache".

Earache is what? Yes, what is earache? Earache is a pain which occur in ear. It can occur in one ear and also can occur in both ears depending upon the cause from which it results. Yes, earache is caused sometime only by one cause and sometimes it occurs due to so many causes.

So, how many causes it has? There are different types of causes which cause earache. And, sometimes it occur without any cause. At that time there can be suspicion of some psychiatric cause acting behind for example, example of psychiatric causes are stress, anxiety, recent or chronic

emotional trauma whom can cause earache.

So, this was when there is no cause found responsible for earache occurrence. But, when there is cause found, sometimes one and sometimes so many, which can cause earache; then what are these causes? Which causes these are, whom are responsible for causing earache? Various causes responsible for earache occurring in human ears are-

  1. Cause number one- Sometime pain occur in ears due to some dysfunctioning or pathological changes occurring in external ear structure and function and sometimes in middle ear structure and function. One example, of this type of earache causes is impacted wax in ear.
  2. Cause number two, three, four and five- Sometimes, it can occur due another cause called otitis externa which is second cause in list and sometimes it can occur due to number third cause otomycosis and sometimes due to number fourth cause myringitis and sometimes it can occur due to very big cause called malignant cancer of ear, which is cause number five.
  3. Cause number six- But, sometime
    pain can occur due to damage or dysfunction occurring in middle ear by Eustachian tube obstruction and sometime due to inflammation of mastoid and sometime malignant cancer of middle ear and sometimes due to extradural abscess, any one of these middle ear factor can cause earache. So, these above middle ear factors comes under cause number six category.
  4. Cause number seven- Earache not always occur due to pathology of external ear or middle ear; it can occur due to cause outside ear, that is, it can occur from disorder or dysfunction of nerve supply at its origin place. So, just like middle ear factor contributes as cause number six, nerve supply dysfunction comes under cause number seven category of earache.
  5. Cause number eight- And, last but very important cause number 8, it can occur due to traumatic injury of ear.

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