5 Health Safety Tips To Use In Monsoon

Monsoon or rainy weather is such a season in which when rain will start in day or night nobody knows.

Sometimes, it rains heavily for days, sometimes only for some hours a day or night. There are some days or night in monsoon when, rain is just for some minutes or just like a sprinkle from sky.           

In such rainy weather, when nothing is sure about rain or if sure about rain; but it is always better if you have certain health safety tips in daily schedule according to monsoon weather. In fact, it is always better for every season; if you follow certain health safety tips according to each season.

So, here comes health safety tips for monsoon season; which will

help you a lot in rainy weather of monsoon. These health safety tips are-

  1. Health safety tip number 1- Always carry your umbrella as precautionary measure with you, if you are working or have to go outside for some other thing by public transport.
  2. But, if you go by your own two wheel automobile vehicle; then do wear rain coat, if it’s raining to save yourself from diseases caused out of drenching in rain. And, if it’s not raining then, do also carry your rainy coat in two wheel automobile vehicle along with you if it’s not raining; because in monsoon there is no fixed time for rain. Sometimes, it starts suddenly when there was clear weather and no indicatory news from weather department for rain. This is health safety tip number 2.
  3. Health safety tip number 3- is eat home cooked food, there is lot of unhygiene in atmosphere outside cooked food
    because of infected dirty standing water. Flies multiplying in monsoon weather sit on food cooked by food vendors outside, who does not cover their food for selling reason; flies contaminate this uncovered food. This polluted food with contamination if you eat, will surely fall sick.
  4. As food get rotten definitely and fast in rainy weather; therefore, bring only that much raw material, vegetables, fruits or seasoning for cooking in home; which can be finished in 2 to 3 days. Do not do bulk food shopping as raw material cannot be saved from rotting in rainy weather even in fridge as it get ruined very soon. That is, health safety tip number 4.
  5. Health safety tip number 5- Take care of hygiene very much in this season; as weather humidity and water standing everywhere is full of unhygiene. Use phenyl or Dettol to disinfect toilet, bathroom and kitchen shelves. And, disinfect your hands with disinfecting sanitizer.

So, these were 5 health safety tips to use in monsoon. Next know- What is called Healthy Eating and what is called Nutritious Diet?

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