5 Causes Of Growth Disorders In Children

Today's discussion topic is related to children's growth disorders.

Growth disorders occurring in children are not new thing, it were earlier occurring in children of old era too. That is to say, it is not a new disease of modern era, it is old disease, which were also present in children of old era too.

But question is, why they are occurring in some children? What are causes of them? Why it is affecting some particular group of children and some not? It is affecting some particular group of children because they are having causes responsible for growth disorders in their life.

And, why some other children are not suffering from

growth disorders is because they are not having causes responsible for growth disorders in their life. They may be either born with normal body function and structure in case of normal children or may be having causes responsible for some other disease, with which they are suffering in their life in case of diseased children, who are not suffering from growth disorders but sufferer of some other disease, which have no link with growth disorders.

But question is, which growth disorders causes are present in life of children suffering from growth disorders? These causes in their life are-

  1. Growth hormone problem.
  2. Deficiency of certain nutrients.
  3. Or, over nutrition of certain nutrients.
  4. Genetic makeup in chromosomes not right.
  5. Delayed growth milestones.

So, here comes the causes:-

1) Growth hormone problem-

Yes, growth hormone related problems are also responsible in growth disturbed children. Some growth disorder sufferer children do when cross-checked with laboratory reports, in some of them growth hormone related problems are found, one example of such type of problem is hypo secretion of growth hormone.

2) Deficiency of certain nutrients-

Certain children have growth decrease or further height growth not happening because of growth hormone problem, but in some it is

not the cause. In them, the cause of deficiency of certain nutrients inside their child body is found on cross checking with investigative laboratory reports. These certain nutrients are very crucial for growth health.

  • Examples of such nutrients are calcium, phosphorus, vitamins D and proteins.

3) Over-nutrition of certain nutrients-

Yes, over-nutrition of certain nutrients like fat, which does not benefit growth; but benefits some other disease development is responsible of decreased growth in certain children. One example of such disorder is obesity.

4) Genetic makeup in chromosomes is not right-

Yes, it is found on cross checking in investigative vital genetic tests when done that some children congenitally have growth disorders since birth; because of their defective or wrong congenital genetic make up of chromosomes, which is responsible for their decreased growth malady.

5) Delayed milestones of growth-

In some growth disorders victim children, growth disorders occurs just because of delayed milestones. Otherwise nothing abnormal is found in their laboratory test reports on cross checking. Only their growth occurs later as respective to other children because of delayed milestones of growth in them.

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