5 Benefits Of Self Care

As human beings, we take care of things; which are important for us. We take care of things, which are fragile and deal with them, with utmost care. And, also we take care of people; which are very close to us, emotionally. But, it is our own self, whose take care we forget; in taking care of other, top priority things.

How surprising isn't it that in taking care priority list, we put our self in lower most position and sometime does not include ourselves in the list. We want to be at top position, in priority list of others; but put ourselves, in lower most position; in our own priority list. It is not that, we do not face harms and damages of avoiding our self-care.

We do face, those harms and damages; but still make mistake of avoiding ourselves again and again. So, enough is enough; how long you will make yourself suffer damages; by doing mistake of avoiding self-care.

It is time, you should make your self-care at top position, in your own priority list. And, what benefits self-care will give you back, are listed below-

1. Make your thinking positive-

Yes, 1st benefit, 1st return gift; which self-care, will give you is that it will make your thinking positive. When you say no to your self-care again and again, in mind to yourself; then it gradually takes shape of negative thinking, in your mind. So, right way to abolish this negative thinking, is by cutting roots; from which it develops. And, those roots are, "Saying no to self-care". So, stop saying no to self-care and start saying, "Yes to self-care". And, when you keep doing self-care; you will notice and feel that it is making your thinking positive.

2. Keep your body and mind in good health-

Yes, likewise, self-care makes your thinking positive; similarly do, it keeps your body and mind in good health. It do it,

because when you are on self-care mission; then your start taking those steps, which help in maintaining good physical and mental health; which earlier you were not taking, when you were avoiding self-care.

3. Improves your sleep-

This is the 3rd return gift or 3rd benefit, which self-care gives you. This benefit, is sure to occur; because when you are physically healthy and emotionally healthy and no negative thinking disturbing your sleep; then your sleep will definitely improve and nothing can stop you from having sound sleep. So, do self-care to have improved sleep.

4. Removes physical and mental stress, out of whole body-

Yes self-care, not only removes negative thinking and disturbed sleep patterns; but also removes, physical and mental stress; out of whole body, of whole day. But, if you would not do self-care of yourself; then it will bring, these aliment back; which it removes when done.

5. Detoxify your human body-

Detoxify your human body is the main task; which pollution full environment of today's era demands. And, self-care will give you this 5th return gift; that it detoxify your human body.

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