5 Basic Wound Care Steps

Basic wound care is topic of today's article.

Wound care, it is very important to be done right way. Because, if it is done wrong way or anything done improper way, can cost you bad result. Yes, wound care if not done right way can turn wound into a major problem. So, it is very important that it should be done the way it is supposed to be and not in the way, which is not right one. Only, when it is done right way, only then it can give beneficial results of wound healing.

Then, what is right way of wound care, in what way it should be

done? Well the wound care differs for every wound. Yes wound care is customized according to type of wound you have. But, there are certain basic steps which are common to wound care of every type of wound you have. What these basic steps are? And, how these basic steps are common to every type of wound?

Well, how these basic steps are common to each type of wound, that you come to know as you read these basic step explained below. And, these 5 basic steps of wound care, which are common to every type of wound are-

  1. Sanitized equipment- Yes, equipment should be sanitized, which you use while bandaging, correcting wound disfigurement or giving stitches. The tools, which will be going to be used during wound healing or treatment process must be sanitized. Sanitized means free of any infection. As patient already have wound, so wound care equipments should be sanitized one to prevent worsening of wound with infection.
  2. How wound care equipments can be sanitized? Well they can be sanitized, if they are of metallic
    made up
    , then by boiling in water; but, if they are of plastic made up, then they are sanitized with disinfecting material like medicated blue spirit or Dettol.
  3. Sanitized bandages- Yes, bandages which are to be going to be applied to wound; should be sanitized and should be disinfected and should be sealed before usage.
  4. Sanitized cotton swabs- Yes, cotton swabs which are going to be used for wound care to remove infecting material from wounds and also going to be used to apply medicine as well as to sanitize wound and plastic wound equipment should be sanitized.
  5. Sanitized hands- Yes, hands should be sanitized. Yes, person, doctor or medicare person; whoever is going to use all above steps of wound care on wound of a wounded person; his or her hands must be sanitized with disinfectant. Because, if their hands will be infected and if they apply their infected hands to wound as well as to equipment, bandages and cotton swabs; then it will infect them to and all the above wound care steps's beneficial effects become nil and go to waste.

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