4 Habits That A Patient Suffering, From Weak Digestive System, Should Not Shelter

Weak digestive system is the life story of some people. They cannot eat, any outside food, highly spicy food; such a weak digestive system, they have. But, do they have this weak digestion, since birth or have acquired it, in their life?

Well, answer to this is that some have this problem, since birth in their genes and some have acquired it because of their faulty habits in their life. Do you know, which faulty habits are these, which have impaired their digestive system? Well, if you do not know, I will answer your this query, in rest of the article; but trust me, who have this problem of weak digestion; they know these habits, only problem with them, is that they are not able to, leave these habits; although they know that they are harming them; just because of their inclination to taste. But,

there are also some patients, who have strong will power and once they come to know, through their doctor that their own faulty habits are bringing them, this problem; they immediately leave those habits and have very rare attacks of weak digestion and that only then; when because of their decreased will power, they indulge in these habits for a moment.

So, here comes, list of those faulty habits, which people with weak digestive system should avoid, if they do not want to suffer from weak digestion in future:-

Stop consuming alcohol-

Yes, people, who consume alcohol habitually; with time their liver get weakened and so do their digestion process, too. And, as a result, whenever they eat something spicy or outside vendor's food, they are not able to digest it.

Consuming strong tea or strong coffee-

Yes, people who have habit of consuming strong tea or strong coffee; that is, who add more than normal amount of tea or coffee, while making their tea or coffee; they are harming their

liver. Because that much amount, consumed on daily basis weaken their liver's digestive powers, on daily basis. And, ultimately person consuming that kind of tea and coffee, have weak digestion; for even a little bit of spicy or heavy food.

Eating restaurant food on daily basis-

Yes, people, who have habit of consuming outside vendor or restaurant food, on daily basis; with time, these foods weaken their liver. But, why do this happen? This happens because restaurant food contains, lot of oil and spices, beyond normal limit and food of outside vendors, is made unhygienic way. Both the factors, consumption of highly spicy and unhygienic food, are harmful on digestive health and end result is, weak digestion. 

Consuming uncooked raw rice-

Yes, some people have habit of consuming uncooked raw rice; out of desire of eating uncooked raw rice in childhood. But, at that time, they do not have maturity to understand that consuming uncooked raw rice, increase work load of liver and in future, they are not able to digest, even cooked rice; just because of their this habit, which have weakened their digestive system.

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