4 Eye Care Commands Which You Must Follow

Today's article is related to eyes.

Eye care is very crucial, if you want efficiently working eyes as well as good looking eye appearance.

When we talk about care, then that means commands which you have to follow. Similar thing applies to eye care, regarding which there too comes a list of eye care commands, which you need to put in. And, these eye care commands are-

1) Herbal night moisturization-

Yes, you need to moisturize outer skin of your eyes, if you do not want dark circles around your eyes. But remember, while doing herbal night moisturization, do not apply herbal moisturizer with hard stroke and inside eyes.

Apply and massage with soft stroke of soft fingertip only on outer eye skin.

  • Next thing, you must want to know could be examples of herbal night moisturizer. Yes, with which herbal ingredient you can do herbal night moisturization? You can do herbal night moisturization with either honey or almond oil. If you have coconut oil at home, then you can do your herbal night moisturization with coconut oil too.

2) Rose water or cucumber slice treatment-

Yes, you need to do rose water treatment for removing eye fatigue and to re-boost eye immunity. If you do not have rose water at home, then you can do eye fatigue removal and eye immunity re-boosting with cucumber slice. But, if you do not even have cucumber slice because winters are there, in which cucumber is not easily available, then you can do cucumber slice treatment with cumber tone available in market.

3) Avoid some eye blunders to maintain eye health-

Yes, avoid some eye blunders, if you want efficiently working eyes and

no sun-tanned eye skin. But, what these eye blunders are which you often make? The examples of such eye blunders, which you often make-

  • Rubbing your eyes and that too with hard strokes.
  • Not sleeping timely and that too with short sleep; that means, waking up early, not sleeping fully; although sleep is coming. But you still not sleeping due to lack of time for sleep due to excess work.
  • Sitting for whole 12 hours of day in front of either air-conditioner, or heater.
  • Or, watching T.V. or working on computer either for more than 12 hours in a day or using these gadgets in dim light.
  • Avoid putting water inside eyes, especially in monsoon for washing purposes.
  • Not maintaining right diet routine or eating schedule. Skipping breakfast can lead to sunken eyes, dark circles around eyes and over-eating can cause puffy eyes.

4) Disease treatment-

Get your disease treated from doctor, if you have any of either eyes or of some other organ or system of body, to avoid weak eyes.

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