2 Types Of Stress

Stress is very often used word these days. I think most of us are familiar with it. Even the children know it and know how its experience is, as they have their own exam stress.

But, do you know, how many types stress has? Well, stress has main two types; one of which is very common. Those main 2 types are-

  1. First is, acute stress.
  2. Second is chronic stress.

Which of them is most common these days? It is chronic stress. You must be conjecturing, how each of them is defined? Well do not worry, answer to your question is given below- but divided into two parts, one part covering definition of acute stress and second part covering definition of chronic stress:-

1) Acute stress-

So, what is acute stress? Acute stress is that stress, which is of recent

origin of few seconds or few minutes or few hours or of few days.

  • Sometimes human body recovers from it on its own within few seconds, sometimes within few minutes, sometime in few hours and sometime it can take few days.
  • But, sometimes human body is not able to recover from it on its own and have to take medicinal support.
  • But, when it does not get resolved with medicinal support; then it take shape of chronic stress.

2) Chronic stress-

What is chronic stress? Chronic stress is not of recent origin. It is of old origin and may be occurring from past few months or past few years.

  • It is different from acute stress in fact that chronic stress cannot recover on its own not even in single case; whereas acute stress can resolve on its own in acute stress case of some humans.
  • To treat it, every time person has to take either medical support or any other therapy which removes his or her stress for time being. Note here, it cannot be permanently removed, because maintaining cause is bringing it back again and again. It can be removed entirely only, when maintaining cause is removed; but in some cases maintaining cause removal is not possible.
  • In that case, where removal of maintaining cause is not possible; in that case chronic stress keeps returning back, after some time of treatment and you have to take treatment again.
  • But, it can be
    temporarily stopped for time being with medicinal aid or any other therapy, which you use to remove this stress. So, what does it mean? It means that you have to take that medicinal support or that any other relief therapy which relaxes your mind.
  • As, chronic stress is temporarily avertible but permanently it is not; this is, why it is recommended by doctors and therapists to repeat that therapy either daily or once in a week; which recovers you from this chronic stress; to temporarily remove it timely before it starts again.

You must be wondering I have mentioned above; whether it’s chronic stress or acute stress; both can be resolved with medicinal or any other relief therapy which resolves your stress. So, how many ways or relief therapies are there to remove stress? Well, there are so many, the main ones I am mentioning below; but you can continue with that way or relief therapy; which you have felt effective in your case to resolve stress-

  • Music therapy.
  • Reading therapy.
  • Talking therapy- sharing out your stress story with somebody by talking.
  • Walking therapy.
  • Meditation therapy.
  • Yoga therapy.
  • Detoxification therapy.
  • Doing some work- Yes, it is a fact, some have their stress aggravated; but some find their stress fading, eliminating by working.
  • Like, I said above, if you found your way, then you can continue with that.

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