11 Disease Conditions Which Rising Temperature Of Summer Cause

Health problems develop in summer to humans.

Every season, if brings with it, its unique enjoyable environment relief from last season's health woes, then it also brings with it the disease conditions, which develop if proper health care is not taken customized to environment around. Same applies to summer season, no doubt it brings relief from health woes of winter; but human individuals can develop certain disease conditions inside them if proper health care is not taken.

So, what kind of disease conditions rising temperature of summer season cause, if proper health care is not maintained customized to summer atmosphere? The disease conditions which rising temperature of summer

season cause are-

  1. Disease condition number 1- is heat stroke. Number one symptom, which continually increasing temperature of summer season cause is, heat stroke if you keep on working in hot environment without any break.
  2. Disease condition number 2- is prickly heat causing itching. Elevating temperature of summer causes prickly heat which causes continuous itching; due to toxin accumulation occurring beneath skin as skin pores become clogged by sun damaged cells of skin.
  3. Disease condition number 3 and 4- are sunburns and skin rashes. Excessively going out in summer and without protecting skin either with cotton clothes or sunscreen; damage skin's superficial layer badly and causes sunburns and skin rashes.
  4. Disease condition number 5- is dehydrating dry skin. Excessive summer temperature not only dry out water from soil; but also from skin and causes dry skin, just like it dehydrates rest of body parts and causes dehydration and electrolyte imbalance
  5. Disease condition number 6 and 7- are throbbing headache and vertigo. Electrolyte imbalance developed resulting from dehydration caused by elevating temperature of summer causes throbbing headache and vertigo.
  6. Disease condition number 8- is fever. Results as body's temperature is persistently increased by continually elevating temperature of summer. And, human body's homoeostatic system got defeated by rising summer temperature and not able to control normal body temperature from going to high limit, and there results fever development inside body.
  7. Disease condition number 9, 10 and 11- are stomach ache, diarrhea and fatigue. Stomach ache, diarrhea, and fatigue can occur due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance caused by increasing temperature of summer.

So, this was about 11 disease conditions, which tiring and elevating temperature of summer cause.

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  • goldstay  30-08-2014
    You are truly professional and expert about dermatology. Thanks for the tips I received to today.
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    • Dr.Simran  03-09-2014
      Thanks goldstay, for appreciating the effort put into article.
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